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Masterpiece is falling for the trap that has killed Kenyan celebrities

July 29, 2020 at 10:51
Masterpiece brings Size 8 on board for new jam 'High Bila Ndom'

Masterpiece decided to go online and fake the funk on his IG account and that will definitely be a problem he has to deal with before he actually digs himself into a hole he cannot get out of.

Masterpiece and Bahati cross-dressing is a hint of deeper proclivities

The young gospel artist recently celebrated his birthday at an upscale restaurant at one of the five-star hotels that litter Nairobi’s landscape. I was under the impression that he had negotiated a deal with the restaurant’s management team that would have him enjoy the services for free and he markets the premises.


Or maybe Masterpiece has management that has negotiated a contract that would also pay for the meal and he would publicize their service or commodity. But that isn’t what he did. Apparently, he went out of his way to throw himself an opulent birthday party that saw him incur a one hundred thousand Kenya shillings bill.

Ringtone accuses Bahati and Masterpiece of secretly dating fellow men! (Photo)

All this with what we know about how Kenyan artists finances are set up, we are actually appalled that he would attempt to fake the funk for the gram and he will end up being another sad case like that of the late Papa Dennis.


You see, for any artist, the prudent thing for you to do when you have money is for you to keep stacking it up because Covid-19 isn’t a joke and it has virtually wiped out the entertainment economy that kept so many Kenyans afloat.

Masterpiece brings Size 8 on board for new jam ‘High Bila Ndom’ (Video)

So to see Masterpiece commit well over one hundred thousand shillings to his entertainment at a high-end restaurant is to see him waste his money on frivolous pursuits and while I am not here to pocket watch, I am also not here to see a young man dig himself into a hole simply due to the fact that he wanted to flex for the gram.

Papa Dennis

The late Papa Dennis


Masterpiece must not have friends. He must not have good friends or they must really not like him so they are looking to see him fail and fall and this frivolous expenditure is an example of a great way to make him progress towards that end.

¨Bahati is a devil and EMB is a hotel¨ Masterpiece´s blatant remarks to Bahati

Kenyan artists need to do better. masterpiece needs to do better. Even if I assume that he is stacking dough during this Covid-19 situation, he should have stacked it. that would have been the smart play, the smart money.


Anyway, to each his own.


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