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Maureen Waititu on anti-depressants to contain her mental health

March 25, 2020 at 12:19
Maureen Waititu on anti-depressants to contain her mental health

YouTube sensation, Maureen Waititu resorted to mental therapy to save her from falling into depression.

8 months since she called it off with gym instructor, Frankie Just Gym It, the TV personality is juggling single motherhood, work life and mental stability.

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The mother of two boys previously disclosed that the breakup was so tough on her, it caught her unawares and unable to think straight.

Social media influencer, Maureen Waititu

“You will have denial, anger, crazy, negotiation and acceptance and go back and forth until the process finishes” she earlier on disclosed.

Mental help

The TV host was fortunately able to contain her mental health by seeking psychiatric help which is bearing good fruits.

Maureen Waititu

Speaking of anti-depressant pills, Maureen shared:

When you are really sad, it brings you to normal. The other one helps me sleep and it wears off.

A woman who wears many hats, having two boys on one hand and sourcing for a living on the other, the balance at times topples off.

I never rest being a single mum of two boys and I work really hard and barely get time for myself and I need structure. Whenever I am free, I feel guilty and I need to learn how to slow down.

Mother of two, Maureen Waititu

But now seeing light at the end of the tunnel, the social media influencer expresses deep gratitude to her psychiatrist.

I was in such a bad state and Dr Njuguna (the psychiatrist) wanted to admit me but I told him I have kids to take care of. He saved my life.





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