Maureen Waititu responds to Jalang’os piece of advice to move on!

Maureen Waititu must be happy to have finally caught the attention her YouTube channel needs!

However, the quick fame come with a price of exposing her private life to almost all social media users; and now we know what had been going on behind the closed doors!

Now that Frankie Just Gym it has moved on, a  few fans here and there have been wishing for Maureen Waititu to find a better man; now that her baby daddy has moved on with Corazon Kwamboka!

Frankie and Corazon Kwamboka

Jalang’os advice

Anyway during a heated radio debate about Frankie Just Gym It and Maureen Waititu’s relationship; Kamene Goro and Jalango got to share their opinions leaving their show blazing    as they both had different opinions about the entanglement between the two parties.

At some point Jalang’o got to share his honest opinion about Maureen – who he says will soon move on with a better man if she stays focused! Jalang’o said;

Comedian cum radio presenter Jalang’o Mwenyewe

Maureen is so beautiful, you understand! And i can just tell her one thing, just as Frankie has moved on; she can also move on. And there are men out here who are willling, wanting to take care of her and the babies; and she may not even need the Ksh 6000 from frankie!

Maureen reeponds

In a new post shared by Maureen Waititu, the mother of two assured Jalang’o that she had received the message he put across from her! Through her Instagram page the lady wrote;

Maureen Waititu responds to Jalang’os advice

However later on Ms Waititu edited her post by removing the part she mentioned Jalang’o! Probably this was to avoid dragging more parties to the ongoing drama; but truth is, we honestly can’t wait for the day Maureen will move on!

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