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Maureen Waititu’s reaction after learning about Corazon Kwamboka’s pregnancy (Photo)

July 03, 2020 at 13:18
Maureen Waititu’s reaction after learning about Corazon Kwamboka’s pregnancy (Photo)

Maureen Waititu must have known about Corazon’s pregnancy; but her latest post shared on her instagram page somehow suggests that she may have found out about this through blogs!

Having split up with the father of her two boys about a year ago; Frankie Kiarie also known as Frankie Just Gym seem to have moved on quite fast as he is expecting another child with his new lady, Corazon.

News about the pregnancy spread like wildfire on social media; and of course being a media personality Maureen Waititu must have come across this. Unlike most women, Ms Waititu cause drama nor rant about this considering her history with Frankie; however she shared a post that suggests the news may have stung a bit!

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She wrote;

Be still and know that he is God!

Hope of reuniting with ex husband?

Considering the fact that Waititu and Frankie had a long history; she may have held onto the happy memories hoping to raise her boys with her husband someday.

Exes Maureen and baby daddy, Frankie

However seeing that he already started another family with Corazon this comes as a game changer which left Maureen sharing a video; where she talked about God having her back whenever she has lost hope.

This is how God’s got my back everytime i’ve lost hope

Ms Waititu’s post

Well, the post may have been directed elsewhere; but judging from Ms Waititu’s timing, it’s only right to assume that the news hit her hard.


However, having battled and won war against depression; this also proves that she is a strong single mum inspiring younger women in the same situation.

Speaking about her experience with depression, Ms Waititu opened up revealing the dark monsters in her closet saying;

I would wake up, hold my baby and sit there in darkness without opening the curtains, and soon it became worse because I started entertaining suicide thoughts, every time we would fight with my husband I would feel unworthy, my self esteem was down, I would try to compare myself with other women and it was hitting hard.

She went on to add;

My real depression came when I had my second baby, the entire time I was pregnant, I would cry every single day, and it was painful crying.

But through it all, she managed to get back on her own two feet!





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