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Mbio; Don’t miss this jam by the Africa King, AliKiba

April 26, 2019 at 16:56
Mbio; Don't miss this jam by the Africa King, AliKiba

Mbio is the newest jam by Alikiba the Africa King. You are not gonna miss this. He wrote this song 10 years ago when he first visited Oman as he says on his Instagram page and has released it in 2019. Alikiba returned to Oman for a Grand Concert at The Intercontinental Hotel and got inspired to finalize the song and shoot the Music Video at Jebel Sifah, one of several great destinations in Muscat.

Mbio is a “love gone wrong” song that explains the feelings of a man who is still in love with his woman, who has fallen out of love with him. Mbio has been directed by Kevin Bosco Jnr.  Mbio takes us back to those times of Cinderella. Also the jam is done in Swahili and English.


The setting is amazing. The beats are on point and the sound is great. The background of the video is attractive. The audio is in sync. Also the costume was well thought of during the production. The actions brought out in the video relate to the words spoken. In this case you can tell that the lady is not into Alikiba when she refuses to get the gift.

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This is not a good sign and it clearly shows that the vixen is not in love. It is a good thing when the message of the song is well thought of during production. Generally the video has met international standards.

Lyrical Representation

The lyrics of this song depeict the true Alikiba. Damn! This bongo artist has a way with words. The feelings he has brought out are so clear that one is hurt. The title Mbio is clear through repetition. In the Chorus; “Mi siwezani bila wewe Mbio ooh ooh, mbio ooh oooh, mbio Moyo unadunda, moyo unadunda Mbio ooh ooh, mbio ooh oooh, mbio”. I can only imagine of the pain that the guy will endure without the person they love.

Alikiba mbio

He goes ahead to question their love in this stanza; “Are we still dating? Mariela waky Ama ndio nimechokwa Ama umetekwa”. This shows that he already has that fear that the girl is not into him. In this song he depicts what the boy child goes through to find love but instead is rejected.
“Nawaza nakufikiri Majibu sipatii Na moyo unachosha akili Kwa mapenzi ya ku fosi Kupenda pasipo dhamani Kwangu taabani sio sawa Ni bora unipe  Moyo wangu niufiche”. In this two stanzas he says that he tired of forcing love that does not exist and only asks for his heart to take care of it. This means he walks away and thus the title “Mbio”.

I know by now you agree with me that Alikiba is the king of lyrics. The song is good and I give it a rating of 7/10.

To watch the video, click on the link below.


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