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Exposed: Mbosso ´Ksh 4 Million mansion´ is nothing but a rental apartment

April 03, 2019 at 08:58
Exposed: Mbosso ´Ksh 4 Million mansion´ is nothing but a rental apartment

Tanzanian artist, Mbosso Khan has been caught pants down after claiming the purchase of a Ksh 4 Million mansion in Dar es Salaam.

´Nadekezwa´ hitmaker, Mbosso

Therefore, igniting mixed reactions from his fans who are left wondering how the young artist could even afford such kind of wealth.

Mbosso made the public announcement to his 1.7+ million followers on his Instagram page just 2 days ago.

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Additionally, Mbosso shares photos of his so-called 3-bedroom mansion in the leafy suburbs of Tegeta, Dar es Salaam.

The afterthought

However, I think the world only gives ´a fool´ some breathing space before slamming the door hard, right in front of them.

Soon after his Ksh 4 million mansion went public, a keen social media influencer, one Jay Maudaku, spotted the mansion.

Jay unearthed a post from, Dalali Tegeta, a real estate agent, who actually owns the apartment that he lets out.

Dalali put out the same house 4 weeks ago for future tenants at a monthly rent of Ksh 52,000 (Tsh 1.2 Million).

Dalali´s post reads:

Nyumba hii ipo Tegeta wazo ina nyumba vitatu vyote self inajitegemea.

Pia ina boy kota ya chumba kimoja self inapangishwa millioni 1 na laki mbili.

Pia hata millioni 1 kamili anachukua tuwasiliane kwa namba 0718809744.

Karibuni sana.

According to anonymous sources, WCB management is actually paying the mansion´s rent.

WCB King, Diamond Platinumz

This is based on a contract agreement between Diamond Platinumz’ record label and artist, Mbosso.

Hiyo nyumba kweli ipo Tegeta, Dar es Salaam.

Na kwa taarifa niliyonayo, amepangishiwa na menejimenti yake wala sio kununua.

Anonymous source

Unfortunately, repeatedly, Tanzania´s music industry artists hardly come clean.

Whether it is about their flashy lifestyles, including Diamond himself.

Occasionally, the so-called purchased exclusive apartments, cars, and so on are just but rentals.

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  1. Abeddy Eugen : April 3, 2019 at 2:59 pm

    Na natumahi pia sisi mashabiki utaeza kutupa bonge la suprice kwa kutoa ngoma kali

  2. Haha.

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