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Mbosso shreds Rich Mavoko for maligning Diamond Platnumz

August 14, 2018 at 12:35
Mbosso shreds Rich Mavoko for maligning Diamond Platnumz

Rich Mavoko recently quit Wasafi Records after Tanzania’s music board BASATA intervened. The ‘Ibaki Story’ hit maker sensationally claimed WCB was fleecing him through the contract he signed with them.

A technicality in Rich Mavoko’s contract with Wasafi Records had temporarily stopped him from quitting the record label despite expressing interest to leave.

Rich Mavoko signed a contract with WCB in June 2016, the singer was previously signed by Kenyan record label Kaka Empire.

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I’m the one fleecing Wasafi


WCB’s Mbosso has rubbished Rich Mavoko’s claim that Wasafi is fleecing artists. Speaking during a radio interview, Mbosso says on his part he feels he’s the one fleecing WCB because what the record label has invested in him is more compared to the returns they are currently getting.

“Kiukweli kwa upande wangu tangu naingia WCB mpaka leo sijafikisha pesa ambayo wao wali invest kwangu kwaiyo nikiambiwa nanyonywa binafsi nitapinga kwa sababu mimi ndio naona nawanyonya kwa sababu mpaka leo hela waliyowekeza kwangu haijarusi na kuna wasanii wapo WCB mpaka leo pia hawajarudiasha hata nusu ya pesa kwaiyo ukiniambia WCB wananyonya wasanii nakuwa sikuamini labda uje na vigezo,” said Mbosso.

Wasafi Record recently spent about Kes 5.4 million to buy Mbosso and Lavalava brand new Toyota Harriers.

Also read: Diamond spends Kes 5.4 million to buy Wasafi singers Lavalava and Mbosso brand new Toyota Harriers

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  1. It depends on what an artist values, Rich is more growth oriented these other guys are for the hype and flashy lifestyle, Rich has more experience,soon they will learn the hard way

  2. Harrison Mwangi : August 14, 2018 at 12:55 pm

    Why were they holding him back if they are not gaining from him?

  3. Hahaha Mavoko wants financial freedom, good move

  4. Onesmus Odhiambo : August 14, 2018 at 12:57 pm

    These labels will slave you just like they did MJ and when time comes, get rid of you, that is teh end game Mbosso, shauri yako

  5. Who is rich mavoko???

  6. Collins siganga : August 16, 2018 at 12:15 pm

    But all I know is WCB natures talents in a quality way

  7. WCB Is a music power house,its unfair to say wcb(will slave you) but its much fair to say it natures talents in a quality way,because it gives exposure to the young and unknown musician to be popular(recognized) and entertaining.

  8. Nobody ever knew Harmonize nor Rayvanny nor Lavalava until WCB noticed them.After breaking up of Yamoto band Marombosso vanished,WCB signed him as an ordinary musician with a new identity(Mbosso) and now see for yourself what he has turned into.This is a true testimony that WCB is a power house of music and talent naturing.

  9. glitering and shining in music industory without making any profit is a waste in urslv … Rich mavoko aftr all need changes in his life style .just quite bye bye mavoko

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