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Mbosso treats us to a new tune ‘ATE’

November 18, 2019 at 16:56
Mbosso treats us to a new tune 'ATE'

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Favourite Wasafi artiste is back with a new tune Ate after Shillingi. In this new jam, he has not disappointed and just like always the voice is still there.

It is a love song and it is just amazing to listen to. What does this dude use when writing his lyrics? Mbosso is a name that is worth the effort and time for sure.

To start with, In Ate, the singer is describing the activities he will undertake with this sensual lover. The beats first before we look at the lyrics are just dope. Whoever says that Mbosso is not a brand is just wrong.

Whether in Wasafi or not, Mbosso is a great name and his jams are just a confirmation of who he is. He is worth the time and effort.

Mbosso treats us to a new tune 'ATE'

Mbosso is going all about love in ‘ATE’

Nataka longa na wewe Nikufunze mapenzi Mwenzako nayajua. This verse itself is enough to tell you that Mbosso is in love.  To add on, he is asking the girl to come so that he can teach him more on love.

Nikupe michezo hatari Uzitidi takata Tuwe ng’aring’ari Dangote Tanasha. Our girl Tanasha is not missing out this time on Wasafi hits. Dangote in this case is the boss and it seems the song is also dedicated to them.

Mbosso treats us to a new tune 'ATE'

Mimi dakitari Dakitari wa mapenzi Dozi yangu temethali Inatibu na kuenzi. Mbosso in ATE describes himself as a lover doctor and for sure he might be one as his songs are getting all the love.

Twende Zanzibari Comoro Mombasa Tucheze Somali Ndombolo chakacha. Also, it is love that will involve a lot of touring the world. Like in this case, they will tour even Kenyan coast Mombasa and enjoy the Chakacha dances.

There is a lot of sexual content though coded and this is good.  In conclusion, it is a nice song that can be played even at weddings and on the radio.

Finally, Mbosso gets a rating of  7/10 in ATE.

Audio below.

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