MC Jessy talks about his life as a shamba boy at an MP’s house before the money and fame

September 13, 2017 at 16:32
MC Jessy talks about his life as a shamba boy at an MP's house before the money and fame

Churchill show’s cohost MC Jessy aka Jasper Muthomi did not turn into a celebrity overnight. He struggled for long before he got where he is today and this is something he has always been open about this.

MC Jessy

What we didn’t know is that at some point he was a Shamba boy at an old friend’s house. Speaking during an interview he said that after completing high school he happened to bump into an old friend who hooked him up with a job at his (friend’s) father’s house who at that time was an MP.

Having no experience with the city life he had no choice but to work hoping that one day he would make it in life. Well, looking at his life now there is no doubt that he has achieved more than he could have asked for.

The comedian is a living testimony that any body anywhere is capable of making it life despite the situation they might be facing.


  1. Bado ushamba haijaisha lakini

  2. Wasee hutoka mbali sana

  3. Every experience is a lesson,kudos Njessy

  4. Beatrice Mukami : September 13, 2017 at 5:31 pm

    Shamba boy!no wonder

  5. hehehe inaitwa maisha,no one knows what tomorrow holds

  6. Hapo sawa MC tuko pamoja sana

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