Meet the 21 year old celebrity hairstylist who’s changing the hair vibe in Nairobi

August 01, 2017 at 10:16
Meet the 21 year old celebrity hairstylist who's changing the hair vibe in Nairobi

Styling hair has become one of the most successful businesses in our world today.

Unlike before, it pays quite well and this depends with the skills portrayed by the hairstylist. For this reason, George Dufanda is now among the most booked hairstylist in the country and from what I have learnt is that he deals with a lot of local celebrities.

George Dufanda

He honed his skills as a teenager growing up in an environment where most people kept up with new and different hairstyles. With time he began to show interest in this line of business and after graduating from high school – he decided to specialize in the hair business.

Hairstylist, George Dufanda

The stylist works with the likes of DJ Mo, Size 8, Jalang’o among others who specifically request him to attend to them whenever they pop in at the African Royal Salon located along the Kimathi street.

Below are a few of the amazing styles the guy is known for!

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