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Meet Grace Ekirapa’s sister’s hot husband and father to her 2 adorable boys (Photos)

September 02, 2020 at 14:37
Meet Grace Ekirapa's sister's hot husband and father to her 2 adorable boys (Photos)

Many are fathers but very few are dads to their kids.

Kenya’s beautiful TV host, Grace Ekirapa tried her luck in marriage but right before it could go down, things turned sour and she opted out. The world is now conversant with her story and journey to becoming a wife that never took shape but very few get to know about the other two Ekirapa girls who are if anything a sight to behold.

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The adorable Ekirapa girls

Introduced to us as Tushlyne, she is the cuter, lighter and supposedly elder of the three. Tush is married to a handsome man and together, have sired two gorgeous boys, now all-grown.

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The Internet sensation has never shied away from parading her family online, ever gushing over her man and their boys whether on a sunny or rainy day. Her love for the gents is real.

As he marked his birthday this week, a dear Tush sweetly serenaded her better half, the man who owns her heart, her heaven-sent special gem and a man after God’s heart. Not forgetting the best dad to her two boys.

Tushlyne Ekirapa looking stunning with her two sons

A man who has seen her through thick and thin and enriched her life in so many aspects, Tushlyne could not fully describe in words just how blessed and glad that a dear Jimmy became part of her life and forever they soldier on as one.

I would never ask God for a better husband than you my love….
On this special day I pray that you live a long fulfilling life with us by your side🤗
When it’s time to face your fears may you be strong, may you never dwell in your failures and may you never lack wisdom to multiply and sustain all you ever wished for.
Happy birthday my Love❤

Tushlyne Ekirapa adores her husband on his birthday

Meet the one and only Jimmy who has bewitched Grace Ekirapa’s sister, Tushlyne with nothing but love, light and peace.




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