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Meet the classy Mulayi Muni, the first ever Kenyan female car host with the coolest Car show in town

October 30, 2020 at 09:12
Meet the classy Mulayi Muni, the first ever Kenyan female car host with the coolest Car show in town

My Moti was recently trending on Twitter but not many got to understand what that was. However after doing my research on whyKenyan men seemed so smitten with the ‘My Moti’ turns out that it’s a show about cars hosted by a sassy classy looking lady, Mulayi Muni.

I mean how? Aren’t all ‘girls’ including myself bad with cars? Honestly we don’t know what goes where or what to do when the car shows signs of ‘not operating properly;’ But when it comes to Muni, she is a professional when it comes to evaluating and reviewing cars – the perfect woman most men would want by their side. She must also be good at playing PS too!

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Anyway, so finally, My Moti show premiered today morning making a loud debut on Twitter, trending at number one. For the first episode we got to watch host Mulayi Muni review Mercedes E220d convertible on their YouTube channel.

Judging from how Muni highlighted all the details of the E-class Cabriolet in depth; lets just say hands down to this lady making the rest of us look good. She went on speak a language only men and mechanic could understand (and maybe a few ladies too.)

The stylish Muni hosting my Moti Show

My Moti delivers first Kenyan automotive show

I can admit on behalf of all other ladies that seeing Muni at work was refreshing especially with how she ‘broke down’ the Mercedes E220d convertible car estimated to cost 13 million .

Anyway the lady Muni and her team at Artskills films have definitely come up with a wonderful concept that will definitely revolutionize the motor industry in Kenya. It is about time we support more Kenyan automotive shows.

We can also agree that the show is a unique addition to automative entertainment in Kenya; with a nice feminine touch. We look forward to more reviews. It is rumored that in their vehicle line up they will be reviewing a Rolls Royce Phantom. Check out their first review below.




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