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Meet the curvy 50-year old mother of 3 who has bewitched Guardian Angel with love (Photos)

September 04, 2020 at 13:47
Meet the curvy 50-year old mother of 3 who has bewitched Guardian Angel with love (Photos)

Kenya’s music doctor, Guardian Angel bagged himself a doctor to his heart whose love prescription has been driving him crazy for months now.

Barely in his early 20s, the gospel star opted to settle with an older woman but not with a small age difference, his babe is actually more than twice his age.

Celebrated Kenyan gospel star, Guardian Angel

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Many would ask why, but probably only he has the answer. Esther Musila is the lucky woman who won over the musician’s heart, a mother of 3 grown children almost Guardian Angel’s age mates but none of that stopped the artist from going after what his heart wants.

Am a mother of 3; ages 29, 26 and 22. I recently turned 50 and loving the journey. I’ve been a banker for 5 years and now an International civil servant working for the United Nations for the past 18 years in programme management running water and sanitation programmes in Nepal and Lagos.

Guardian Angel with his sweetheart

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Musila also doubles up as a gospel artist and the assumption would be, that their faith brought the two together. The gospel celebrity couple recently released a collabo dubbed Roho Yangu , and do I lie, she has a gorgeous voice.

I am God-fearing and have a passion for music and life, and love to sing and dance. To celebrate my 50th birthday, I recorded and released a hymn song: Roho Yangu to thank God for my life.

However, age is but a number because a dear Esther looks like a 30-year old. Not just her face but the curves and edges this woman has, are a sight to behold.

You would not be surprised to realize that for Ms Musila, the gym is almost her home, she does it the way you would wake up and brush you teeth. Please meet Guardian Angel’s apple of his eye who is not only beautiful but literally aging backwards, and tell me what you think:

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