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Mejja finally drops highly-anticipated track ‘Wamocho’ alongside Mbogi Genje and Richy Haniel (Video)

September 16, 2020 at 14:40
Mejja, Mbogi Genje Wamocho

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Kenyan musician, digital content creator and executive producer Richard Haniel Mashua, popularly known as Richy Haniel, has dropped his much-anticipated track that features Mbogi Genje and Mejja.

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The song titled Wamocho, which means drinking and partying or hustling hard, has already garnered 80,000 views on YouTube yet it’s only 15 hours since it was release. It’s likely to cross 100K when the day ends.

Richy Haniel

Richy Haniel revealed that, this the jam, which is the first release from his forthcoming album Rich Secrets was first recorded in July 2020 after meeting Mbogi Genje . He then brought Mejja on board.

This jam is a fusion of Kapuka and dancehall. Believe you me, I’ve been listening to this jam on repeat since it came out and I still love it.

Mbogi Genje

As expected, Mbogi Genje really came through on Wamocho. Their style of using Sheng words that are unknown to many of us have made the group that is made up of Miltan, Smady Tings and Guzman Teddy really stand out.

I know most people always look forward to listening to Miltan’s verse because of the new Sheng words that they will learn and he didn’t disappoint in this track.

Mejja, who has been on a roll since the year began, really spiced up Wamocho with his catchy and witty rhymes that will definitely make you scratch your head as you try to make sense of them.


The beat for this jam was produced by Solinga and SQ Byron and Mastered by Sadafa and they honestly deserve a pat on the back because they outdid themselves.

Notably, the video for Wamocho is also dope. The Raww Film Maker never disappoint. He really brought the house party theme of the video to life. I also love the smooth transitioning.

Watch Wamocho below and tell us what you think.

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