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Members Of Parliament Finally Receive Eric Omondi’s Play 75% Local Content Bill

November 24, 2021 at 06:29
Members Of Parliament Finally Receive Eric Omondi's Play 75% Local Content Bill

The bill that is set to calibrate Kenyan music industry and place it on a pedestal is about to be tabled in Parliament by Embakasi East MP Babu Owino and Starehe MP Charles Njagua; who gladly received it yesterday, November 23 from comedian Eric Omondi. The jester’s previous haphazard move saw him a******d for planning a demonstration outside Parliament.

Plan B Successful

After a few advices here and there, he came up with the bill to counter the ordeal he underwent a week ago. Through Babu Owino and Jaguar, Eric Omondi believes that the ‘play 75% local’ bill will be a success;

”The “PLAY 75% LOCAL” Bill will be Tabled in PARLIAMENT tomorrow by @jaguarkenya and @he.babuowino tomorrow!!! The Bill will pass with Flying colours because no MP in their right mind would refuse to vote for a bill that Promotes and Supports their own Children”

Eric Omondi with MPs Babu Owino & Jaguar-Intstagram (courtesy)

Babu Owino continued to reiterate over the success of the bill; adding that the ball is now in the court of Kenyan artists to ensure they produce hefty music to fill the 75% play;

”As a member of Parliament, and a youthful one for that matter; together with honorable Jaguar, we’ll have to compel them to ensure that we pass this bill that is proposing 75% of the airplay should be given to Kenyan artists…

And now kazi is on the artists who are Kenyans. We also expect you to produce quality music, danceable music.”

Even though Eric didn’t receive much support from Kenyan musicians; it’s imminent that they’ll now be roped in to stick by his side. The bill is meant to uplift them anyway.




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