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Mercy Kyallo speaks on toxic relationship that ended up affecting her health

September 18, 2020 at 16:57
Mercy Kyallo speaks on toxic relationship that ended up affecting her health

Betty Kyallo’s sister Mercy recently opened up about a past relationship that left her adding unnecessary weight.

Speaking to her big sister on their latest video aired on Betty Kyallo’s lately YouTube show; Mercy went on to disclose how exhausting her past was.

Well it all started after Betty Kyallo went on to ask her sister how she managed to shed off the unnecessary weight she had gained a while back. To which Mercy responded by saying;

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Chick let me tell you something, if you think you are fat and have done so many things to lose weight, start by losing the negativity around you.

Heart to heart with Mercy

When asked what negative people were around, the fun sis jokingly went on to point finger at Betty and Gloria; before finally speaking out her heart.

According to the curvaceous Mercy, she was stuck in an happy relationship that seem to have lasted longer than she expected. She went on to open up saying;

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 I was in a very long term relationship but I wasn’t happy and I think I tried to lose so much but I used to be so big. I used to run 4 times a month, like 10 kilometers. Watched what I was eating, I was on diet, salads always on this things

Just to prove that her point, Mercy says that her weight gain was caused by stress…something she couldn’t control at the time; but after being in peace for a few months, things then changed.




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