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Mercy Masika Says ‘Muite Yesu’ in her new jam

July 09, 2019 at 16:28
Mercy Masika, composer of Muite Yesu. She is a kenyan gospel artist

Mercy Masika is back with another praise song ‘Muite Yesu’.  This jam is dope and it is all about seeking for help from God. She says that people should call on God when in a problem and not be silent.

Mercy Masika has been doing well in gospel and her choice of words in her music is just amazing. Is she the only sane artist in this genre of music?

Muite Yesu comes in a few weeks after her last release I love You. This lady is super talented and I like how she gives it her all in her music.


In addition to her voice, there are other things that makes this the best jam today. Most gospel artist rarely give it their all and their sing for money. I don’t think that is the case with Mercy Masika. Muite Yesu has seen a couple of hands at work.

To start with, the jam has been written by Mercy Masika, Pitson Pen and Paper and Tim Still Alive. This is some good work from the duo. It is so smooth and calming and you notice the perfection in it.

Both audio and video was done Still Alive Production. It is a great deal here. The quality of the video and sound is just dope. Graphics and other visuals are just great. The beat to this jam is just wow.

Mercy Masika Kenyan gospel artist

The background is great, the song has been shot in Kenya exposing the beautiful scenery. Also, the choice of costume is good and not overdone.

Delivery of ‘Muite Yesu’

There is a way that Mercy Masika delivers her songs. She brings out the emotions clearly something that makes people enjoy the song. The gospel vibe is felt in her voice and words. Generally, the song is good and it gets a rating of 7/10.

Below is a link to the video.




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