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Mercylinah and Mercy Chinwo make it a church affair as they team up for “Mungu kama wewe”(video)

October 31, 2019 at 18:46
Mercylinah and Mercy Chinwo make it a church affair as they team up for "Mungu kama wewe"(video)

I once talked of how we desire to have some kind of worship in our churches. That which makes you you feel that despite all the pain you go through there is always a superior being watching over you. Two celebrated gospel artists Mercylinah and Chinwo were recorded singing “Mungu kama wewe”  at Yadah worship fest 2019 .

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Well, even as we ponder on what really happened to the church, we must give credit where its due. Mercylinah Wambugu is a Kenyan worship gospel musician who is popularly known for her hit song ‘Nashukuru’.

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Mercy Chinwo is known for  the worship song “Excess love” that she did back in January  2018.

For a duo that has  so much success in the gospel music scene this version of the song is definitely worth your time.

Mungu kama wewe

This is a song that has had so many versions of it by several gospel artists. In this, the two bend so well as they synchronize their voices to bring the heavens down.

In this version the two worship God with their vioces as Mercylinah starts it off with the Swahili parts . Then she is later  joined by Chinwo who inputs her voice that is all strong and full of power.

Her accent and energy throws you in  the blessing and worship mood like never before.

In all forms of despair, the artist have played the lead role as their back up band also did justice by playing at the same tempo.

Basically, even as you look at the video you see sincerity in the worship. Ideally this is what we all need in life. That is there is anything we believe in and well at least as a nation we believe in God.

If you feel down cast I trust this jam will bless your soul. Watch and tell us what you think.




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