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Miguna Miguna’s wife speaks after her husband’s arrest and deportation

February 08, 2018 at 15:15
Miguna Miguna's wife speaks after her husband's arrest and deportation

Miguna Miguna’s wife, Jane Miguna recently opened up about her husband’s arrest.

Speaking to a popular Canadian Macleans Magazine, Jane revealed her fears especially after there were no reports about her husband after his arrest.

She told Macleans Magazine that for the few days she did not hear from her husband, she “was frantic with worry, since the police failed to produce him in court as ordered, after several Kenyan media reports emerged speculating that her husband had been killed.

She went on to add;

“From Sunday to yesterday, the case manager at the Canadian high commission in Nairobi could not even be able to tell me if Miguna was dead or alive.”

This is after Miguna Miguna was arrested on Friday last week; but his details where kept on the low until just when he was deported to Canada. Mrs Miguna went on to add;

“That really worried me, because the commissioner was not even able to get information from the Kenyan government to assure her that they are holding him and he’s alive. Really, although she may have information but she is not giving it to me. At least somebody should be able to tell me, yes, he’s alive. But no. I was not told anything. They just say they are aware of the case and they are working on it.”

Miguna’s children

The lady went on to reveal that she avoided revealing did not tell her 3 teenagers about their dad’s where they dad was.

“Miguna didn’t want them to worry, so I didn’t tell them about their father’s arrest, but I was afraid they would learn of it from social media. They are already asking why didn’t Daddy come, and I am just telling them he has an engagement,”

However the family is now satisfied to have their father home and safe.





  1. Kenyan politics inaniboo tu

  2. the family is frustrated

  3. miguna angeendelea kukaa kenya angepotelea kwa vichaka kama jacob juma

  4. sorry for the innocent wife and kids who have to endure the suffering

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