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Miguna’s deportation declared illegal days after Uhuru’s lawyer advised him to mobilize his army and storm into the country by force

February 15, 2018 at 13:29
Miguna's deportation declared illegal days after Uhuru's lawyer advised him to mobilize his army and storm into the country by force

High Court has declared the deportation of Miguna Miguna to Canada illegal. Judge Luka Kimaru on Thursday gave the government 7 days to surrender Miguna Miguna’s revoked passport to facilitate his return to the country.

Justice Luka Kimaru said the order by Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi was illegal, hence making the deportation null and void.

The Nasa general was hasty deported on February 6th after spending five days behind bars. He was arrested in connection with the swearing in of Raila Odinga as the people’s president.

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Forceful entry into Kenya from Kisumu

Uhuru’s lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi‏ had earlier advised Miguna Miguna to storm into the country. Ahmednasir said Miguna was a coward for going to court to seek re-entry into his country of birth.

He said Miguna should have stormed into the country from Kisumu since he is a general.

“Very surprised that Miguna Miguna has gone to court to be allowed to come back to his country of birth…what a cowardly act. I thought he said he was an NRA GENERAL. Why doesn’t he storm Kenya from Kisumu and go straight to his house at Runda… coward General Miguna!!!” Ahmednasir Abdullahi‏ tweeted.




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  1. serekali tafadhali msameheni miguna miguna

  2. Childish advice nawasikitikia wateja wako

  3. Why are We applying thé law in a partial way ? One day We ignore thé court and for an Army, when the Army hits thé rock, the following Day We remember thé law and go to court. What is wrong with us ?

  4. Are u also one of the learned friends around? So childish.i wont allow you to represent me in court since it will b a win win for my enemies.bure kabisa!

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