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Mixed reactions after blogger Robert Alai is fred on a Ksh 300,000 bail

July 02, 2019 at 12:08
Mixed reactions after blogger Robert Alai is fred on a Ksh 300,000 bail

City blogger, Robert Alai goes free on a Ksh 300,000 cash bail a fortnight after his arrest.

This is after failing to adhere to high orders by Kenya´s Police spokesperson, Charles Owino.

18th of June 2019, the city blogger was arrested after publishing gruesome photos of fallen police officers from Al-Shabaab attack.

Additionally disclosing to the public, details of a deceased police officer via social media.

An act considered to interfere with the maintenance of public order in the country.

Therefore facing detention for 14 days, charged with treachery and intent of helping the terror group.

He however denied charges before magistrate, Francis Andayi at a Milimani court.

Alai was today released on a Ksh 300,000 cash bail and a Ksh 500,000 bond.

Robert Alai´s case goes for hearing on the 8th of August 2019.

Mixed reactions

On his Twitter handle, Kenyans express mixed reactions.

Why freeing a terrorism-aid, too bad.


Local tweep remains on his own


Jubilee government freed Jubilee blogger…. Hehehe


Matusi ianze sasa…who will you start with…Raila,Raila junior, Raila daughters or my mother


😂😂Say ‘I was freed on 300k bail’


Soo tumchangie ama nkt


Chocho tupe uhondo wa huko ndani na kama twaweza kitabu kuhusu maisha ya Rumande






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