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Mixed reactions after Citizen TV’s Mashirima Kapombe removes wig in studio (Video)

October 21, 2020 at 22:19
Mixed reactions after Citizen TV's Mashirima Kapombe removes wig in studio (Video)

A video of Citizen TV news anchor Mashirima Kapombe taking off her wig after reading the 7pm bulleting has left many with more questions than answers.

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In the video that was uploaded by the newscaster on Wednesday, she is seen stretching her hands before removing the wig and shaking it.

Mashirima Kapombe

Mashirima is then seen laughing. Luckily, unlike most women she had neat braids under her wig. As such, it’s not clear why the post elicited so much debate.

“One thing that gives a woman relief at the end of the day,” she captioned the video.

Commenting on the post, some netizens said the move was brave since they never get to see female news anchors without their wigs, while others thought she looked more attractive without it.

“You look younger ukitoa hii manyoa. Who deceived women that when u put on wigs you look more attractive?” African Tcha wrote.

“Why wear the weave and the way you are beautiful with your natural hair,” Hustler Nation commented.

“Swali ni kwamba, must you put it on before going on air? Like can you just news anchor freestyle?” Alexander Ochelle posted.

“Captain Otoyo must provide us with more videos about this, this is not enough,” Buthelezy Dawoody opined.

Here is the video:





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