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‘Mlisema Nioge Nirudi Market?’- Michelle Ntalami Announces ‘Return To The Streets’ After Break-Up With Makena Njeri

November 23, 2021 at 13:55
'Mlisema Nioge Nirudi Market?'- Michelle Ntalami Announces 'Return To The Streets' After Break-Up With Makena Njeri

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After hearing both sides of Makena and Michelle Ntalami’s story on their separation, it’s needless to say that resolving their relationship issue will only require an amicable talk between them. From Michelle’s side, she doesn’t mind going back to the ‘streets’ to look for another partner and move on.

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On the flipside, Makena stated that only two people can resolve an issue between them. If there’s more people involved, there’ll be no solution.

”…Can we talk about ugly relationships for a minute here? We ALL know through personal experiences or through close associations in our life that the minute third parties are dragged in to justify behaviour; ( good or bad) it’s no longer about the two people in the relationship…

The recent drama is a manifestation of an internal turmoil that is unresolved. I say this with empathy and compassion.”

Michelle is my friend not wife, says Makena

Back To The Streets

Michelle  Ntalami took none of Makena Njeri’s sentiments on resolving their issue. Writing on her Instagram, she has insinuated that she’s single and ready to mingle;

”Si mlisema nioge faster faster nirudi market? Ubaya nayo bei ishapanda..💰😂

It was all class and pizzazz last week at the exclusive @mawimbiseafood all-white Awards Party! 🎉 Met and mingled with so many beautiful people who all undoubtedly understood the assignment.👌🏾

I’m always so grateful for such experiences that leave me feeling so glam, gorgeous and lifted! Thank tyou @mawimbiseafood for having us, and congratulations on your award!🏆🤍”

With her exquisite looks and sleek lifestyle, Michelle won’t miss on finding Makena Njeri’s replacement.


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