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More money, more art! Khaligraph Jones flaunts his new neck tattoo

November 23, 2017 at 11:04
Khaligraph Jones

Rapper Khaligraph Jones is not only making money moves. The fella is also entertaining his fans through his social media pages where he recently flaunted his new tattoo.

Khaligraph Jones revealed the fresh new ink which has his Luo name written on it. With his hip hop career booming, the rapper seems to be emulating some of the things foreign rappers do.

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He has now added the neck tattoo to the other many tattoos he has in his body. However, we do not know what inspired him to get the latest tattoo but oh well it looks good on him.

Judging from the area he chose to get the tattoo, seems like he definitely endured a lot of pain.

Khaligraph Jones’s tattoos

The rapper has never revealed the number of tattoos he has on his body but I bet they are many. Together with Octopizzo, these two rappers so far have the most daring tattoos on their bodies.





  1. Finally ndugu OMOLLO has come through

  2. How painful was that?

  3. Respect the OGs

  4. Okay,let him enjoy

  5. Okay Omollo ni mazishiiiiiiiiii

  6. Guess ty dollar sign motivated him

  7. Endelea kuzima ule msee. Bei hakutosha

  8. So good on em…and does octopizzo even have real tats?

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