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More Kisumu residents join hunger strike to protest Miguna’s illegal deportation (Photos)

April 04, 2018 at 11:06
More Kisumu residents join hunger strike to protest Miguna's illegal deportation (Photos)

The government forcefully deported Miguna Miguna despite a court order requiring that he be released and produced in court.

The NRM general was deported to Dubai where he boarded another flight to Canada after being treated. Miguna claims he was injected with unknown substances before being bundled into a plane at JKIA.

Miguna Miguna while he was still locked in a toilet at JKIA

Hunger strike

Boniface Akumu Ogutu started hunger strike to protest Miguna’s illegal deportation. He camped at Kondele roundabout demanding that NRM general be brought back by the government. (Miguna hails from Nyando, Kisumu county).

Several other Kisumu residents since started the hunger strike in solidarity with Boniface.

“There are a lot of injustices in our country and this is not just about Miguna Miguna. The people who killed an innocent Kenyan like lawyer Willy Kimani, the Meru University student leader among other Kenyans, have never been brought to book. What happened to Miguna Miguna can happen to anyone of us and that is why we must fight it now before it spirals out of control,” said Boniface Akumu while addressing the press.






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