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More photos of Daddy Owen’s wife’s lovely baby shower photos

May 23, 2018 at 13:01
More photos of Daddy Owen's wife's lovely baby shower photos

Gospel singer Daddy Owen and wife Faridah Wambui are expecting their second child now after being married for almost 3 years.

Wambui recently hosted a baby shower which had only exclusive names invited. The two, it seems, had not planned to share the photos online but after a few leaked, Daddy Owen took to Instagram to share almost the full album and it just lovely.

Daddy Owen

Daddy Owen and wife, Faridah

“Isn’t she lovely!??? first and foremost I want to say that all is not lost in the hopes of redeeming the qualities of the boy child (wapi makofi ya kilo) .. last Sunday I had to suprise my wife with a baby shower party (so unconventional to be arranged by a man)” said Owen on IG.

“But honestly I am not conventional plus nakufia team ya boy child that we can do ths! ? (wapi makofi ya kilo khandi) it’s all joy to see my beautiful wife looking all gorgeous with the ka-baby bump??? Love u so much.. gift iko njiani usijali. Swipe as u enjoy photos from her baby shower!”

Here are the photos:





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