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Moses Kuria warns Waititu against threatening Luo MCA elected in Kiambu County

February 16, 2018 at 14:28
Moses Kuria warns Waititu against threatening Luo MCA elected in Kiambu County

Controversial governor Ferdinand Waititu caused a stir when he publicly warned Kiambu residents against electing non-Kikuyus again.

Waititu’s words come after he clashed with Kahawa Wendani MCA Cyrus Omondi. Cyrus opposed the governor’s decision to demolish kiosks set up near a public toilet.

Waititu asked Kiambu people not to vote for non-locals in his county after the clash with Kahawa Wendani MCA. He said that was a mistake that should never be repeated again.

Kahawa Wendani MCA Cyrus Omondi

In defense of Omondi

Moses Kuria surprisingly defended Cyrus Omondi against Waititu’s tribal remarks. Kuria is known for hurling tribal insults, no one expected him to stand up against tribalism.

“The people of Kahawa Wendani found it fit to elect Omondi as their ward representative, they should not be blamed for exercising their constitutional right,” said Moses Kuria.

Nominated senator Isaac Mwaura also condemned Waititu’s remarks:

“I want to condemn Waititu’s statement that Kiambu residents should not vote for outsiders. I want to remind him that he came to Kiambu from Nairobi and our people elected him,” said Isaac Mwaura.







  1. i will be back to revisit that matter as matter of fact wendani population is comprise of all tribes so wewe waititu hizo ujinga peleka mashinani

    • RODRECKI ISAKA OCHIENG : February 16, 2018 at 4:29 pm

      Surely you leaders which world are we in.please pple be like for now we have akenyan SENATOR in fact a woman from KENYA.Live alone from Kikuyu Land.Hon. Waititu
      , Shame on you.!!!!!

  2. Kiambu welcomed him and voted for him even though he is an outsider to. So if we shouldn’t vote for outsiders then that includes him. 2022 is only four years to come and we will obey hiscommand as our governor

  3. njuguna muigai : February 17, 2018 at 1:39 am

    Kahawa area has all tribes who live together and anyone from any tribe can be elected

  4. Shame on you BABA LA WAJINGA kweli kusoma muhimu,matunda ya degrii zanmakoponi ndo hizi

  5. Waititu you are a failure from the word go ,,, how dare someone of your caliber speak such pathetic words in public ,,,,I feel my fellows in kiambu really miss Kabogo the all time General

  6. We need to stop hii ujinga ya ukabila baba yao moved from Nairobi to kiambu ,people of kiambu didn’t say he is outsider, but voted for him warmingly.

  7. I wonder what Kiambu pple saw in the so called Baba yao. Kabogo the General was the best anyway, let him leave our MCA alone and mind his business of working for Kiambu pole. He should know his responsibilities 2022 is just too near.

  8. Its so shameful for this for baba yoa he doesnt fit to be govervoner Kabogo toa huyu mtu bana

  9. inaitwa Punjap manenos

  10. Team kabogo damu… 2022 inakaribia

  11. Nkt…this gov is sooo annoying…kaba kabogo

  12. Woi kana kabogo

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