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Mother boils stones as food for her children in Kisauni, Mombasa!

April 30, 2020 at 13:23
Mother boils stones as food for her children in Kisauni, Mombasa!

Mothers never loose hope; and if they do, they would better fake it just to avoid letting their children see them suffer – and now I bet this what motherhood is all about.

A lady by the name of Peninah Kitsau from Kisauni Mombasa has left many in tears after her story of how she boiled stones for supper was aired on NTV.

According to the details shared on the video circulating on social media – Peninah who is also a widow says she had no food to give to her children; and her only solution was to keep them waiting as she boiled stones giving them hope until they finally fell asleep.

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It’s unfortunate that mtu kama Mutahi Kagwe can sleep at night very well after spending KSHS. 70, 000,000/- on fuckin “communications” is he paid to do pressers, is he paying the press, what’s internet is he using to send emails⁉️ WTF does that mean 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ how do U justify stupidly how U used a billion shillings on fuck all And yet in ur country some people are boiling stones to play with the psyche of their hungry kids so that they wait and wait and wait till they get tired and sleep dead hungry 😔😔 we won’t even say her Governor is Joho juu watu wa Joho Wata leta Zile trash PR zao Wame learn from Jubilee, where U spend money just do things to look good or like ur working instead of what’s really important. This lady first of all lost the husband their main provider to a gang, that shows insecurity in their place, 2ndly these are the people that need direct injection of money not gimmicks her kids need to eat daily, 3rdly due to this pandemic she lost her source of income, & this is just one person in Kenya 😖😖 how many more are suffering like this kwanza in slums, I don’t wish people ill but if all these damn leaders got Corona I doubt their is any normal person who would miss their uselessness 🗑 anyway we elected a privileged person ile shida Ana jua ni pesa ita fichwa wapi 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

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Joho’s project to provide food a scam?

Anyway this comes barely weeks after Joho and his PR team went on to make noise announcing; they were now working on providing food for the less fortunate in Mombasa now that all businesses and jobs have been closed due to Coronavirus.

During his press conference, Joho revealed that the government had provided Ksh 200,000,000; to help provide food to vulnerable families. He went on to add that the county government had received over KSh 100 million in donations to help in the coronavirus crisis.

In his speech the governor made it clear that his team had already identified which families to help.


As a county we have been able to set aside KSh 200 million to help in feeding our people, we have also received donations worth over 100 million, we also have food donations from our local business community.

which brings us to why Peninah was not among them!

We have sent teams on the ground to collect data in order for us to know where they live and how they live before we can start distributing what we have.

Everyman for himself

With this, Kenyans are now demanding an explanation – which of course they won’t get. However come 2022, I’m pretty sure Kenyans will be revising notes taken during 2020: as money allocated to help fight coronavirus and still help unfortunate families is disappearing on breakfast and among other things.

Well if no one has learnt yet….then when will they ever learn!





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