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Motherhood is a beautiful emotional roller coaster – Kate actress admits

January 14, 2020 at 10:23
Motherhood is a beautiful emotional roller coaster - Kate actress admits

Kate actress successfully delivered her second-born in late December 2019 but the gap between her two children makes her shiver.

Her firstborn, a boy, completed his KCPE and was set to join high school come 2020. The day came and it was time to bid goodbye as he started a new journey in secondary school.

Meanwhile, a dear baby K just arrived but looks like she will only spend time around her mom and dad.

Kate actress resurfaces looking like hot sauce, weeks after successful delivery

Sharing a photo of herself alongside her two children, the two were in Nova Pioneer boys high school where Kate´s son was due for admission.

Kate actress slays side-by-side with her two children

Pushing a little baby K on a baby stroller, it is the last the two distant siblings get to spend time together before form 1 studies kick off.

During an emotional moment, Kate is heard in the background lamenting:

We shall miss you. She´ll be so big by the time you are coming back. But si you´re coming soon?

He just arrived in school but looks like he is already needed home.

The riveting beauty´s caption reads:

Balancing emotions today , one is leaving , the other one just arrived 😩! Motherhood is a beautiful emotional roller coaster☺️ ! @phil_director Dad of the Decade 🙏🏿❤️

She admits that motherhood indeed has its tight turns and steep slopes.




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