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Moving on already? Omar Lali spotted in the company of stunning beauty (Photo)

January 07, 2021 at 10:39
Moving on already? Omar Lali spotted in the company of stunning beauty (Photo)

Omar Lali, the 54-year-old man accused of killing the daughter of Keroche Breweries Limited heiress Tecra Muigai seems to be be moving on slowly.

Having lost the love of his life in 2020 following what the DCI claims to be a staircase accident; Lali’s lover the late Tecra Muigai unfortunately succumbed to head injuries caused by her tragic fall.

From the information making rounds on social media, Tecra’s family did not believe the story told by Lali; And proceeded to find justice in court as they hoped Lali would pay for their daughter’s life.

Tecra Muigai and Omar Lali

However the case was dismissed as the DCI went on to claim that investigators found it difficult to link Lali to Tecra’s death; due to lack of sufficient evidence that can sustain a murder charge.

Moving on

Anyway it has since been almost 7 months since Tecra rested and Omar Lali was left loveless.

However thanks to a new post shared by one, Cyprian Nyakundi fans can clearly see Lali in the company of a stunning lady that has left the boy child in the comment section feeling quite proud.

Although we cannot romantically link Lali to the light skinned lady seated right next to him; but all we know is that he appears to be quite happy and contented.

Omar Lali with Tecra

Fans in the comment section have however gone ahead to congratulate Lali for having the best taste in women; while others went on to seek his ‘wisdom’ as they wish to be just like him in future.

Anyway, truth is the photo is as harmless as it comes – and since fans feel that this may be his new catch….who are we to argue? Check out the photo below.

Omar Lali with ‘friend’




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