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Mr Blue features in Young Dee’s new project Jajimento

November 29, 2019 at 23:04
Mr Blue features in Young Dee's new project Jajimento

Young Dee is back with a new strong hit dubbed Jajimento. The work features the likes of Jay Moe and Mr Blue.

As many know, Mr Blue is a great name and whatever he does is just out of this world. When we talk about collaboration, we cannot miss noticing how powerful it is.

Jajimento is that tune that is focussing on what is happening in the surrounding where some people decide what will happen for others.

Jajimento is more of a call on politicians

Mr Blue features in Young Dee's new project Jajimento

In this case, I would call it a political song that comes at a time when Tanzania is about to go to the ballot. It is not very easy to understand the meaning without listening time and again.

First, you realise that they highlight on most of the issues that the politicians do. For example, the citizens are asked to give way for the so-called leaders to pass.

Mr Blue and his team are just fearless and ready to say the truth. The chorus is so easy that one will easily remember.

Jajimento talks of a person who is ready to take power. In short, this is some of the political promises that the politicians made.

Mr Blue features in Young Dee's new project Jajimento

Wananiita honourable jajimento since he is known to make decisions or pardon those in jail. I mean this is so clear and relevant to what is happening in African politics.

Jajimento is what not only Tanzanians need to hear but also loyal Kenyans. This is because they are always falling for the same political trash.

When the song closely comes to an end, he asks the politician in question to go and visit the slums. This does not sound like a good one for Mr minister.

The video is well done and communicates well with Jajimentos theme. Mr Blue and Young Dee and Jay Moe are great talents.

Also, the audio and the beats were well mastered. By this sound quality was well taken care of. In conclusion, Jajimento by Mr Blue and his crew get a rating of 6/10.

Video below.





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