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Mr Dutch’s generosity setting an example for our Kenyan artists!

April 20, 2020 at 17:35
Mr Dutch’s generosity setting an example for our Kenyan artists!

When it comes to releasing good music, Mr Dutch has you covered! The fella who is one of the biggest rising artists in Nigeria has been driving many crazy with his vocals!

Mr Dutch at work

He has so far released several projects like that have seen him rise to the top in just a few months! Anyway while other artists continue to complain about payments and money needed to support their lifestyles; Mr Dutch has been handing out cash to fans on his Instagram page.

Just like Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and Mombasa Governor Joho – Mr Dutch has also stepped in to help the needy during this hard time. However unlike Sonko and the rest; Mr Dutch has taken it upon himself to challenge his social media fans

to participate on his online task that will see them earn something small.

Singer Dutch


Speaking about his online task, Mr Dutch also promised to work hand in hand with Kenyan artists; just to help the needy in the society since the coronavirus seems to have left many Africans high and dry!

With projects like “KEYS TO MY HEART” and ” STRONG WOMAN” definitely understands the importance of speaking life into women; and young ladies who are tomorrow’s future.

Anyway about his project, Mr Dutch opened up saying;

” I run my foundation Mr Dutch Foundation that I use personally to support my people around me.I trust that this initiative will be able to reach alot of people World Wide in Future. I will be working with Kenyan Celebrities online to be able to support all the Needy people Including the best Rising artists from the the Slums and need alot of support to see their new Life including the less fortunate Families in the Society.”






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