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Mr Seed explains how he can help Peter Blessing

January 31, 2020 at 21:26
Mr Seed is back with a new jam dubbed Forever More

Mr Seed is among the celebrities who have come out to address the issue between Bahati and Peter Blessing.

Speaking on a video shared on his Instagram story, Mr Seed revealed that he had never met Peter Blessing before; but if he was in a position to help him – then he would.

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Peter Blessing
Photo courtesy of Mpasho

He went on to add that despite being tagged on Peter Blessing posts, the only way he would step in to help the young singer is by prayers and fasting. Mr Seed went on to say;

Eh naweza msaidia kwa prayers na maombi, yes man. Unajua kitufunny  ni sijawai meet huyu boy, mnashinda mkinitag tag lakini we don’t even know each other.

Bahati and Mr Seed

Judging from his video, it’s not evident whether he is ready to help Peter Blessing; but what’s for sure is that he does not want to involve himself in Bahati’s issues.

Mr Seed and Bahati

Mr Seed and Bahati

Seed and Bahati have not been seeing eye to eye for a year now following what happened on 2018’s new year party. Word has it that Bahati ordered the arrest of Mr Seed’s pregnant wife and her dad for apparently selling coffee at the gig.




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