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Mr Seed makes shocking revelation about how life confined him to a corner, becoming a loner

May 16, 2019 at 12:24
Mr Seed makes shocking revelation about how life confined him to a corner, becoming a loner

Gospel artist, Mr Seed recently unveiled his new song ´Simama´ that speaks volumes about his personal, social and career life.

This he reveals is a song based on a true life story.

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A part of his song reads:

Nilipata taabu dunia iliponisukuma kwa corner

Nilipata taabu nikaona kujitoa uhai ndio bora

Mungu wa Abrahamu alijitokeza mwenyewe tu

Akaniambia mwanagu usijali niko na wewe

Ata wanadamu wakaniangusha nibebe tu

Sitajali nipo salama nikiwa na wewe

The father of 1 sought God at a time when only him and God could make an item.

Things on his end had just fallen apart with no man there to hold his hand and all he could think about is suicide.


Up and close with Mpasho, Mr Seed revealed:

I was frustrated with life a few years back.

I lost hope in everything because nothing was working out for me.

I had so many problems.

So many mistakes in life.

It got to a point I saw life was useless for me.

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New music on the way! 🔊🔊

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The Star Born CEO saw his life take a different turn, a burden too heavy for him to carry, nothing seemed to go right, life became meaningless.

Further on the young father shared:

I used to stay indoors most of the times.

I used to be alone for like a week without leaving the house.

I tried to commit suicide but it didn´t work.

And it´s from there I started praying, going to Karura forest every morning by foot just to pray.

During this time, I used to stay in Ruaka.

However, who is man compared to God?

I had no one to talk to…

It was just me and God.

2019 has seen the artist grow in tremendous ways, and yet more to come.


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