Msupa S finally reveals the flame in her life that she has dated for 8 years 

January 09, 2019 at 11:36
Msupa S finally reveals the flame in her life that she has dated for 8 years 

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Sensational female rapper Sandra Chebet Koech popularly known as Msupa S last year had to come out and vehemently deny that she’s pregnant by his producer.

Word started circulating that the singer hadn’t released a song in months because she was pregnant after an affair with his producer, a thing she denied saying that she has a boyfriend.


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“Those are just haters… Kenyans just talk. I’m not pregnant. I have never dated my producer. I was in a relationship even before my career and we have now dated for seven years. You know Kenyans just like talking but they really don’t know me. Do they even know where I come from? Said Msupa S.

Well, it’s time Kenyans know the man who has been making her heart skip a beat for eight years. The “I don’t Care” rapper took to social media to flaunt her man and Kenyans couldn’t breath.

“Me and my hubby,” she captioned the photo.  

In the comments, there mixed emotions:

j_a_p_h_i_t_h_a Chaget nation ushamba itakumaliza.. Unafanya papa aregret kukutoa kwa bush na bado unazidi kurudi uko… Mjinga wewe

sparkie_senax??? naona unarep wakale endelea ivo ivo .practise makes perfect

faith_makori @terencecreative hii inabidi umeongea na huyu jamaa hasirudie hii makosa

ma.ry5050Ushamba nayo




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