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Mulamwah and ex girlfriend getting back together? He speaks

January 25, 2021 at 11:33
Mulamwah and ex girlfriend getting back together? He speaks

Comedian Mulamwah is not just book smart but street smart. At 27 years the young man has several businesses running but many know about his successful motorbike hustle.

With such determination and zeal to work hard – Mulamwah has not only challenged his age mates; but his elders too who now look up to him.

Exes; Mulamwah and Sonnie

Unlike other comedians who have found themselves drowning in debts, stress and depression; the young man was smart enough to invest in the little he had made from Churchill – and now look at how far he has come.

Comedian Mulamwah

However, despite all this success – comedian Mulamwah only has one issue. He might be girlfriendless. Well, his first love Carrol Sonnie is said to have walked out on the fella; but Mulamwah kept hanging on as he hoped to get her back.

Finally moving on?

After months of trying to figure things out – it now seems that the fella has finally opted to take charge of his life.

Thanks to a question and answer session shared on his IG – fans now believe that Mulamwah is ready to move on from his ex. This is after a fan went on to ask whether he talks to his ex, saying;

Mulamwah with Sonnie

Do you still talk to Carol_Sonia

To which Mulamwah shared a screenshot showing how many hours he used to spend on with Carol on phone. 2 hours is not something to play with which confirms that indeed Mulamwah was in love; but everything that has a beginning also has an end.

Responding to the fan asking about Carol, Mulamwah said;

We used to talk a lot, but priorities changed.




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