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Mulamwah Excited After His Daughter Hits 100k Followers On Facebook

October 06, 2021 at 09:44
Mulamwah Excited After His Daughter Hits 100k Followers On Facebook

Comedian Kendrick Mulamwah and his exquisite girlfriend welcomed their first born baby together less than 3 weeks ago. The couple showed excitement and marveled after a successful delivery.

What stood out was the fact that Mulamwah immediately created social media accounts for their bouncing baby daughter after birth.

Comic Mulamwah, fiancé Carol Sonnie welcome first born daughter | Nairobi Times

Mulamwah and Sonnie welcome their daughter Keilah-Google

Most people questioned the sense of this; but Mulamwah remained adamant and went ahead to explain why he did so.

”I think sio mbaya mzazi ku organisia mtoto wake job mahali pia yeye anafanya job.”

He continued to state that anyone who follows Keilah’s account will be doing it willingly.

”I don’t rem telling anyone to follow her. Ukijipata huko kwa keila_oyando Hio ni kwa bill yako😂. Some people just love her for who she is. No reason at all.”

And it turns out that Mulamwah has a huge fan base; who are ready to support him and his family.

Their daughter, who is barely 3 weeks old has already garnered 100k followers on Facebook.

Mulamwah shared a screenshot of the same on his Instagram as he captioned;

”Congrats little one for 100K follows on Facebook. Always celebrate little wins. All the best @keilah_oyando.”

On the other hand, Keilah has over 11k followers on Instagram and still counting. In addition, Keilah was also named the brand ambassador for a clothing company, which will dress her until she turns 17 years old! Whatever Mulamwah is doing, it’s definitely working.





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