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Mulamwah Explains Why He Opened Social Media Accounts For Newly Born Daughter

September 24, 2021 at 06:07
Mulamwah Explains Why He Opened Social Media Accounts For Newly Born Daughter

The newest parents in town Comedian David Oyando, popularly known as Mulamwah; and his girlfriend Caroline Muthoni, alias Carrol Sonie are exuberant after welcoming their baby daughter less than a week ago. Excited over her new daughter, Mulamwah showered Sonnie with loads of cash worth 100K to thank her for a successful delivery; considering she had miscarried their baby last year.

Mulamwah and girlfriend welcome baby girl Keilah

Mulamwah and Carrol Sonie With their daughter Keila-Google

“I am so excited that God has allowed us to be parents to a beautiful baby girl,” he said.

“She is called Keilah Oyando. My wife was in labour for a whole day but gladly she delivered successfully in a normal delivery.”

Mulamwah added that the baby and her mum are stable and the hospital has discharged them. “My daughter weighed three kgs.”

The two proceeded to open social media accounts shortly after the birth of Keilah; including an Instagram and Facebook account.

Keilah already has over 10,ooo followers on Instagram and counting.

Explaining why they decided to do so, Mulamwah wrote on her Insta stories stating;

”I think sio mbaya mzazi ku organisia mtoto wake job mahali pia yeye anafanya job.”

Mulamwah went on to bash a fan for asking why people should follow baby Keilah on her pages.

”I don’t rem telling anyone to follow her. Ukijipata huko kwa keila_oyando Hio ni kwa bill yako😂. Some people just love her for who she is. No reason at all.”

The comedian also went ahead to admonish young people to be ready for bills before planning on getting a baby.




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