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Munju Reh features Moreh and Gwaash in ‘Hama Mtaa’

August 07, 2019 at 19:51
Munju Reh in his new jam Hama Mtaa features Moreh and Gwaash

Munju Reh features Moreh and Gwaash in his new jam Hama Mtaa. The collaboration is worth it in this song. “Nilihama mtaa sikuhizi naishi kwa bar..” You will hear this line a couple of times in the song.

The trio has brought out the best in them. In this case Hama Mtaa is all about how the guy is rocking in the bars. I mean he feels good when he is getting drank in the club and says that it is the only place he can be found easily.

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For starters I do not understand how one can live in a bar. Creativity at its best here. There are also famous words by the the Famous governor Lonyangapuo We give up ( Insert his voice).

The use of Lonyangapuo’s words shows that the man has a lot to tell. The youths are really appreciating him day in day out. Such simple words being compiled to bring out a song. Kenyans are smart.

Hama Mtaa by Munju Reh is more of a bragging song. Yes I know you get it, there is a stanza where he says unipate kwa bar na usiogope ku order. This generation is all about drugs.

Whatever the case we have to promote this artists.

Gwaash and Moreh in Hama Mtaa

Relevance of the ‘Hama Mtaa’

Hama mtaa by Munju Reh, Gwaash and Moreh is only relevant to the youths. What do I mean here? It can only be related to those aged between 16-23 years. This is the group that is really enjoying this kind of music.

Also the school going generation is well conversant with this kind of work.

Delivery of the song

The trio knows when and what to say in their specific lines. There is good flow in Hama Mtaa. They do not flop, thus making the song easy to flow. It was produced by Pro’ Spyke of KingsCatle Ent’ and directed by  Cartels.

In conclusion, Hama Mtaa gets a rating of 6/10.

Below is a link to the video.





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