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Mwanaisha Chidzuga embroiled in a vicious fight with KOT in a bid to defend her husband’s reputation

January 25, 2018 at 10:27
Mwanaisha Chidzuga embroiled in a vicious fight with KOT in a bid to defend her husband's reputation

Mwanaisha Chidzuga caught a major one after KOT discussed her husband. The K24 anchor faced off with tweeps who dragged Danson Mungatana’s name through the mud.

The drama started when ODM blogger Disembe Dikembe said that Mungatana had become desperate to get any job. The former assistant minister is seeking a clerical job at Tana River county assembly.

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Danson Mungatana and Mwanaisha Chidzuga

Mungatana had previously applied for the position of Chief Legal officer in Meru County. Chidzuga’s husband sought these jobs after losing Tana River governor seat.

Only Raila can save Mungatana

Disembe said only Raila can save Mungatana’s dying political career. His tweets rubbed Mwanaisha Chidzuga the wrong way and she decided to respond.


“At this point in time, the only human being who can rescue the political career of Danson Mungatana from oblivion is RAILA ODINGA. He is the man with God’s heart to forgive and help, again and again. Long live Baba,” Dikembe tweeted.


“Hey fool idleness is a disease we are hiring at our company I know njaanuary is real and any hit or like will earn u something to survive. Wacha kujiwaste kwa umbea na kusambaza uvumi njoo nikupe kazi hata kama in kukuna Nazi au kuchonga viazi,” Mwanaisha Chidzuga responded to Dikembe’s tweets.

The drama continued as KOT joined the conversation. Tweeps fired at Mwanaisha Chidzuga and she fired back at critics as well.





  1. She is savage af.Women from coast can end your life with just insults

  2. Guys need to let families be,this attack was unnecessary

  3. It’s wild out here,people have issues

  4. Matusi anajua weh! Never mess with Chizudga

  5. Her replies are gross but those fools deserve them,it’s a shame attacking people for no good reason

  6. Respect motherhood

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