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“My athletic ex bundled me up and drove me to his house” Nana Owiti recalls

March 30, 2020 at 11:36
"My athletic ex bundled me up and drove me to his house" Nana Owiti recalls

King Kaka’s fiancée, Nana Owiti hilariously recalled how her ex-boyfriend kidnapped her before ruining his plans after escaping.

The Switch TV host was discussing her worst breakup experience with fellow Chatspot show hosts, that saw her remember the ordeal.

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Chatspot show hosts with comedian, Sleepy David

Fateful day

On an ordinary day, out with her girlfriends, having some drinks at a local club, Nana’s ex-boyfriend happened to be in vicinity before calling her out.

Her ex asked to have some talk with her outside, only to step out and get bagged into a car that was on standby.

Nana Owiti

A plan well formulated by her ex, but unknown to her and despite her efforts to escape the ruthless hands of the man, it was a waste of time.

By the time nimetoka kuongea, kuna wasee wa nduthi hapo nje. There’s a car over there, open. Nilibebwa kifudifudi nikaingizwa kwa gari. So I’m thinking ‘what’s happening’ so I’m biting him and he’s like, ‘unajua hauendi’.

Narrating the night’s events, Nana explained she was then taken to her ex’s house, still bundled up and high after a couple of drinks.

Nilipelekwa kwa hao nimefunganishwa na kamba. Like for real, and then I’m like ‘okay, it’s 3 am, I’ve downed a whole bottle of wine, what do I do now?’

Switch TV presenter, Nana Owiti

Escape plan

Fortunately, she quickly crafted an escape plan that sent her into the bushes, in pitch darkness.

Following behind closely, Nana’s athletic ex threw stones at her, trying to trace her.

Nikamgonga halafu nikahepa and he’s athletic so nikaingia place ingine, kuna fulani. Of course, alifika hapo akaona there’s no way huyo dem amefika pale so akachukua mawe anazirusha rusha mahali niko and I can’t make a sound.

To no success, the man sought a second hand – from his security guard – whom he tasked with the duty to find the media personality, alleging she was a thief and bring her to him.

So this soldier comes. Kumbe ameenda (her ex) kwa gate akasema ukiona dema amevaa hivi, jua ameiba 50k, umshike.

Mother of two, Nana Owiti

The guard came after her with his bow and arrow, ready to capture her. Luckily, after conversing with the guard in her local dialect – Kamba – who understood her and fred her.

The guard aided her in finding a phone then communicated with a friend, who picked her up.

Despite his loss, Nana’s ex went ahead to report her to the police, as ‘a missing person’.




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