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“My heart and body want you,” woman thirsts after Maina Kageni on live radio

May 22, 2020 at 16:33
“My heart and body want you,” woman thirsts after Maina Kageni on live radio

Classic 105 radio presenter, Maina Kageni is always a hot topic whenever women come into the mix.

Maina has been known to ever take sides with women whenever in discussion with co-host, Mwalimu King´ang´i.

Never will you hear a woman blast the radio presenter for defending women and the reason is women adore the single man.

Well why? Because of his deep pockets.

Classic 105 presenter, Maina Kageni

Maina Kageni lives a luxurious life, no lie, if his recent sleek BMW All-Wheel Drive (AWD) purchase is anything to go by.

Details: Maina Kageni’s sleek BMW ride that is the first in East and Central Africa

What this says about the media personality is he is well-equipped financially, backing it up with public revelations of his handsome pay at Classic 105.

Love confessions

In a recent discussion, a Kenyan woman blatantly told Maina she likes him and wants to get talking.

Classic 105’s Maina kageni

Unfortunately, Maina never responds to her DMs.

I have texted you so many times but you always ignore me.

To which Maina countered:

Where did you get my number from? I do not reply to numbers that I have not saved.

Only for the forthright woman to bluntly say:

If a man tells me no I just move on to the next man I like. I go for men who know what they want and men who have cash. I cannot struggle with a man and I am not struggling myself.

Maina Kageni

Second woman

A different caller expressed similar sentiments, saying she wastes no time with family men but if you are single and can cough out some good money, then she´ll get down with you.

In a club, I approach a man and ask him if he is taken or if he is single. If he is not taken, we start chatting. He is the one to buy the drinks. If he ´talks´ nicely ntampea the same night. Life is too short to hold back.

A baffled Maina Kageni felt sorry for the two women chasing after his money terming it ´unlady-like´ of them.

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Brushing them off, he told them he was not interested in women their type, therefore try elsewhere.

One thing I fear is embarrassment, I would die. Men like chasing a woman and not the other way round. If it´s hard to meet someone like me, why don´t you go for someone who is easy to meet? What if I am not interested in you?

Affluent radio personality, Maina Kageni

Unrelenting, one of the women told Maina he needs a woman in his life to stop feeling lonely. Only for a dismissive Maina to question:

Who told you I am lonely? Must I be married so that am not lonely?

The woman was not backing off any soon. Admitting:

My heart and body wants Maina. For now, Maina is my main focus. But if I don´t succeed, may be then I can focus on Mike Mondo.

Classic 105 radio presenters, Maina kageni (left) and Mike Mondo (right)

Weh! The fire was proving too hot for the radio presenter to handle.

Mwalimu King´ang´i

Soon after the heated debate, his co-host, Daniel Ndambuki stated that this generation of women never get married because they always go for the money.

Did you hear how those women are saying how they want a man with money? That is where the problem is. They beauty about life is that you can pick someone and grow together.

Daniel Ndambuki better known as, Churchill

Balancing who is viable between Maina and Mike Mondo, Churchill admitted Maina was the wealthier one of the two but for a case like Mike, a wise woman would settle with him and grow together.

Like now women feel like Mike Mondo´s money is not enough they want you (Maina Kageni) because your basket is full. Take Mike and grow with him. Later on in life you will remind him that you helped fill that basket. Plus when you grow with a person it´s hard for them to get rid of you.

Closing off:

Lakini Maina hawa wanawake wanakupenda sana.




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