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“My husband watched me strip-tease” Lizz Njagah opens up about sexually explicit scene in controversial movie

October 27, 2017 at 14:45
"My husband watched me strip-tease" Lizz Njagah opens up about sexually explicit scene in controversial movie

Greece based Kenyan actress Lizz Njagah Konstantaras has opened up about working with her husband. The actress specifically highlight intimate scenes she played in controversial movie ‘House of Lungula’.

Lizz and Alex Konstantaras are both involved in movie production and casting. The actress talked to ShowMax about working with her husband in several projects.

Lizz, her husband Alex Konstantaras and their son

“Working with a spouse is never easy because work never really ends, we could be having dinner on a Sunday evening and still talking about the script ideas we have. We had to set boundaries and designate proper working hours. Other than that it was fun because we were pretty much on the same wavelength with both films. On House of Lungula I took a more active role because I was available. On Fundamentals, I only came on board as an actor as I was involved in shooting a few other projects at the time,” said Lizz.

Raunchy sex scene

Lizz also opened up about the sexually explicit scene she played in ‘House of Lungula’. She says that her husband was present during the shoot when she was strip-teased.

The Konstantaras

“While shooting the intimate scenes in House of Lungula, it was harder for my co-actors to be directed by my husband than it was for either of us. I remember this scene where I had to do a strip tease and my husband was behind the camera going through the motions with me. It was hilarious. We have that on video somewhere, I should post it.”









  1. Acting is no joke man!

  2. Why do the writers always want to include such scenes

  3. Sometimes i wonder is it worth the money?

  4. I dont think i would take it easily

  5. Xavier Mwangi : October 27, 2017 at 5:56 pm

    That was tough for him

  6. Mwana haramu haleti shangwe : October 27, 2017 at 10:12 pm


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