My kids don’t eat Ugali or Sukuma wiki despite how I work hard to get them- Akothee 

July 17, 2018 at 09:44
My kids don't eat Ugali or Sukuma wiki despite how I work hard to get them- Akothee 

Singer Akothee works so hard on her farm and makes sure that every year she gets a bumper harvest. The problem she encounters after that is that her five kids hate what she has harvested.

On Instagram, Akothee complained that her kids hate Ugali and Sukuma wiki. They Don’t touch the common mwananchi’s meal.

“I fear poverty and hunger , I hate asking people for money, for I have been there. last season I harvested enough maize because I planted them myself with 100% supervision. I was happy to give them out to orphanages /friends and relatives, I only kept 13 bags for me and employees, this time I have harvested 0 because I fell sick during the planting season & got tired of working for people,”she said. 

Works hard

“I Got admitted and the doctor told me to go slow or I will loose it ! It was a burn out nothing else! My children eat very little or nothing from all this hustle! The boys don’t even eat sukuma or Ugali! The girls don’t touch arega they say it’s heavy ! So why Am I killing myself for ungrateful people ? Why is the world killing my dreams DR.K ask me to sell everything in Afrika and retire in Europe , papa OYOO Says the sane but I HAVE A PERSONAL TOUCH WITH MY ANCESTORAL LAND ! I can’t leave my grandpa & grandma alone, how about my parents !!!😭😭😭😭😭😭 well today I am completely fed up , but I am thinking about it. 



  1. Nice work back to the community is a good idea, kudos.

  2. good work akothee loved your song with flavour

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