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My priority right now is my relationship with God – Wahu declares

August 06, 2019 at 09:03
My priority right now is my relationship with God - Wahu declares

Gospel songbird, Wahu Kagwi´s battles in life are what bonded her with God.

It is after going through a rough road late last year, that she got closer to God than ever before and her recent release ´Sifa´ is all about praising God.

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However, she discloses that this was at a time when she was going through a lot and it is through the song, that she is free.

I went through a couple of tough situations, it just reigned a relationship I had with God.

I´m so happy about my space right now. My priority right now is my relationship with God.

Yes, Wahu hails from a Christian family but it is now that she is reconnecting with her roots.

I am a born-again believer and I have refocused myself in the sense that my relationship with God is my priority.

I want my music to speak of where I am right now because I feel the connection and I want it to be a true reflection of where I´m at.

Mama Tumiso however cautions masses from the habit of always judging others instead, focus on their own personal growth.

I can´t judge anyone. People need to mind their own business. What should matter is my relationship with God, where my heart is.

I know my truth, so let´s stop judging each other. The only one who can judge me is God.

Further revealing that her hubby, Nameless is currently undergoing medication after getting admitted for a couple of days, for his surgery.

He is good. It was quite crazy. He´s not the type of guy to be unwell. He´s been healthy and from nowhere, he just got sick.

I really saw God coming through.

Speaking to ´Mpasho´, the mother of 2, who doubles up as a singer and a businesswoman, operating a flourishing cosmetic business had this to tell young entrepreneurs:

There is a lot of learning that I had to adapt to. In the first years of any business, it is never glamorous, you have to oush.

Many people give up when they are about to make it.


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