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“Mzee lazima nimpe” Curvaceous Senator brags about having early morning lungula before rushing off to vote

October 27, 2017 at 10:24
"Mzee lazima nimpe" Curvaceous Senator brags about having early morning lungula before rushing off to vote

Jubilee nominator Senator Millicent Omanga lit up social media with her revelation. The lawmaker bragged about her intention of making out with her husband before she rushing off to vote.

Omanga took to Facebook to marshal women to vote in October 26th repeat presidential election. The nominated senator revealed that he would have morning glory before heading out to cast her vote.

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Jubilee nominator Senator Millicent Omanga

“Kina Mama tupee wazee mapema walale mapema
Kesho Asubui Na mapema ni KUMIRA KUMIRA Na Msupa turudishe UhuRuto Ikulu
#OmangaCare For UhuRuto,” wrote Omanga on Facebook.

Mixed reactions

Omanga’s lewd post elicited mixed reactions on Facebook. Some people condemned her for sharing bedroom stuff on social media but the senator reiterated that she would have sex with her husband on the morning of Thursday October 26th.

Hehehehe Mzee lazima nimpe kesho mapema ni kumira kumira ta thuraku,” Millicent Omanga replied to a certain Lumumba who took shots at her.

“Silly juvenile bbw you still think about “erections” as a sex marathon?..whats happening tommorow is rape against democracy.. Better stay home& masturbate,” wrote Lumumba Alex M.

Omanga when she finally voted on Thursday








  1. Nyakundi calls her cabbage,now i see why

  2. How does this concern us madam?

  3. This is childish from someone we call a leader

  4. Big body empty brains

  5. I wonder why she thought it was important to tell us

  6. Such character as a lady leader; i wonder if she has a family that positive ideaolic to the society.

  7. Dat shows how ill-minded u r. Can u style up!

  8. Amejaa maji….. Jinga type

  9. she is beautiful mpaka aringe

  10. cabbage

  11. mtaacha Milly… Hata mm nlikula kwanza

  12. I don’t understand why people are calling her names, just because she spoke out her mind. What she said is just a kawaida thing to the married

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