Mzee Yusuf’s wife given her final send off after dying while giving birth (Photos)

June 19, 2017 at 08:53
Mzee Yusuf's wife given her final send off after dying while giving birth (Photos)

Mzee Yusuf might have quit doing Taarab music but he remains the King of these Swahili songs that are loved by most women residing in Mombasa and Tanzania.

He is not just an artist but one with lyrics that come off in a poetic way. Anyway, the singer and his family are currently mourning the death of his second wife, Chiku Khamis Tumbo who passed on this weekend while giving birth.

Mzee Yusuf’s late wife

From the stories making rounds on social media the late Chiku Khamis was rushed to Amani Hospital in Dar es Salaam Tanzania where she was to give birth but after struggling during labor the lady gave up, something that cost her life and that of her child.

It is quite unfortunate for the family as they have to deal with this during the holy month of Ramadan. Below are a few photos courtesy of Globalpublishers.

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