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Nadia Mukami didn’t need to lie about dating Arrow Bwoy to push her music

July 01, 2020 at 18:00
Nadia Mukami didn't need to lie about dating Arrow Bwoy to push her music

A few days ago, Nadia Mukami left her fans disappointed when she revealed that she has never been in a relationship with Arrow Bwoy and that the claims that she made made that the two of them were dating were untrue.

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Although I am happy that she decided to set the record straight and explained that she just wanted to push their new jam dubbed Radio Love, I must say that I was not amused at all.

Nadia Mukami

You see, Nadia is really talented. In my opinion, she is one of the biggest female artists in at the country moment. As such, she does not need to go to such extreme lengths to push her music. Her music does not need PR stunts.

If you watched Arrow Bwoy’s earlier interview on The Trend where he refuted the claims, you could tell that he was was angered by what Nadia has said so much so that he told her to stop the sideshows and focus on her music.

Some of us hold Nadia in high regard. We believe that if anyone will one day bring home a BET Award it will be her and because I am not in the habit of sugar coating things, I will be the first to admit that she let us down.

Nadia Mukami has potential to make it big outside Kenya

Nadia Mukami

On the brighter side, I am happy that she came out to clarify things and now we can all move past the issue and keep listening to her good music because that is what we came to love her for.

I hope that her management team are not the ones who advised her to lie about dating Arrow Bwoy because if that is the case something like this; will happen again and she will end up ruining her career.




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