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Nadia Mukami sets strict terms and conditions for her forthcoming marriage

June 03, 2020 at 14:47
Nadia Mukami sets strict terms and conditions for her forthcoming marriage

Mellow-voiced Kenyan singer, Nadia Mukami has said no to dating until she turns 24.

The pop artist revealed this after fans could not stop bagging her with questions about her crumbled relationship to Swahili dancehall sensation, Arrow Bwoy.

The duo´s relationship had been kept so lowkey, fans were actually made aware after their breakup.

The two thereafter seemed hesitant to discuss the issue, probably in a bid to keep whatever they had private.

Ex-lovers, Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy

Fans have however decided they will not let the issue sit without understanding what really transpired and why it did.

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They took to the songstress´ Instagram to find out whether the duo had plans to rekindle what they previously shared.

Nadia decided to address the issue once and for all, explaining she has now been single for 6 months and she likes it that way because then she can think straight and make progress in her life.

Let me answer this generally as to why I am single! I have been single for 6 months and so many great things have happened in a span of 6 months (upgraded the moment I get in a relationship I swear I always get stuck! Giving myself a one year break!

Kenyan popstar, Nadia Mukami

Targeting to become a financially stable lady and achieving her dreams.

I have some goals I need to attain!! I am an idiot when I am in love! For now I just wanna make money and achieve my dreams!!


Speaking of plans to settle and have a family of her own, the sultry singer clarified she does not do dating for the fun of it but for a prospective marriage partner.

To this she articulated she will not back down on walking the isle because that has always been her desire.

Mellow-voiced Kenyan singer, Nadia Mukami

However, this might only happen after she turns 24 which is only months away because for now, it is all about her and her dreams. Periodt!

The next relationship has to lead to marriage I have been telling my friends I wanna settle down wananishangaa! I don´t like games in relationships I have never dated for fun! Am on a one year break!

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To her secret admirers and suitable marriage partners, she wrote:

Immediately I turn 24 all potentials kindly note am ready for marriage kindly note not a relationship but marriage!

We wish her well.




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