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“Nahisi nipo Kwenye ndoto” Babu Tale mourns late wife with a never seen before clip that will leave you in tears (Video)

August 12, 2020 at 16:18
"Nahisi nipo Kwenye ndoto" Babu Tale mourns late wife with a never seen before clip that will leave you in tears (Video)

Babu Tale lost his wife 46 days ago and judging from his recent post; the former WCB manager remains in denial that the love of his life is no more!

According to reports, the late Shammy apparently passed on after she was infected with coronavirus that led to her d***h. However, others claim that there is more to the story since Shammy had already started asking her close friends to look after her kids when she is gone.

It is not known how Shammy knew she would not make it out alive; but the cause of her d***h remains unknown to the public and fans who remain worried for her kids.

Babu Tale with his late wife, Shammy

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Remembering the late Shammy

Anyway having been 45 days since her demise, Babu Tale went on to remember his wife with a never seen before video showing fans how lovely she was. Judging from the video we can see why Tale fell for his wife; not just her smile, figure but how she carried herself with respect.

To caption the post, Babu Tale wrote;

RIP my wife πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’” Ni 45 days tangu umeniacha Mama TT nahisi bado nipo kwenye ndoto.

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It must be hard for Tale to come into terms with the fact that his gorgeous wife is gone; and the sad part is that she will never come back. However, for the sake of their 3 children, Tale has no option but to remain strong. His friends have however massive support during this tough time, and hopefully all will be well for Tale!




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